Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smudged lipstick

Usually the female of the species has this tendency to check their lipstick as they go through the day. Especially after they had lunch. And when once, checking lipstick will need them to go to the ladies as it was supposed to be more cultured for women to do that in the privacy of the powder room. Heck, there is no powder room in the whole world anymore except in a few hotels which are trying to give the impression that the Victorian institution is alive and well. 

Women nowadays will just check their lipstick by holding up a compact or even their handphone (which were made by smart marketing executive to be reflective enough to be turned into a mirror) and see that their lipstick is properly applied. Lipstick seems to be a central issue for some of my friends who have even said that even sharing a straw with lipstick on it is like you already kiss the girl. Go figure!

As for me, ever since I heard the conversation between Keanu Reeves and Monica Belucci with that French guy in Matric 2, I never think of women and lipstick in the same vein again. The scene where Belluci was angry at the French guy and the guy ask what was she angry about. Belluci said, "What about the lipstick mark then?". As the guy denies, she said "She did not kiss you on your lips".

As the girl whom the Frenchman made excited was wearing a very red lipstick, the image that you get when you imagine whatever the girl had done to the man will be just as well be shown in the movie, which was not, and that is where your wandering mind will be imagining as the words are said...

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