Monday, June 15, 2009

Lipstick mark on my hanky

I know that it bound to happen one of this day. A lipstick mark on my handkerchief which was found by my wife when she exchanged it for a new one. It was subtle but anyone can see that it was lipstick, what with the red mark being a bit faded as if it someone tried to make it disappear. The mark of two lips were also there. It was unmistakeably a lipstick mark.

I was at the computer table then, and she suddenly came to me with it being held on the palm of her hand. I was engrossed with whatever I found interesting from the internet and nonchalantly I look up.

"What is this?", she said.

"Hmmm....???", I feigned interest, being too engrossed.

"Is this lipstick? Whose is it?", she asked.

"Isn't that yours?", I asked after I managed to look kind of bewildered for a split second before it dawned on me that was the real answer. "We kissed by the door when I sent you out to work> Was it yesterday? No, it was 2 days ago", I explained further dissecting the issue further.

"Hmmmpphhhh....", she looked at me, smell the hanky and walked off to our bedroom to continue with what she was doing.

And that my friends, is why I am called a lawyer.

But, seriously, it was true. It was her lipstick...

...and if I have to. If it was such a big deal and will make me being put on the dock, there is always DNA test.


  1. Wow~! Cool~man! You are so lucky then!LOL!

  2. hahahah

    that is a good one...
    but then again, if the color is quite are lucky!

    but if not...... "=_=

  3. tanpa menitiskan setitik peluh pun didahi? :P

  4. All men know that I may be lying and everyone else know I was lucky to get out of that argument alive