Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not all hotel groups are created the same

Have you ever travel and want to experience a simple 'hotel' room which you can just come in to sleep while spending the rest of the day in the city that you have been saving money, a lot of it, to go to. It happened to me when I was travelling to the City of Love, Paris. What I wanted to do when I arrived in Paris at 10pm at night is to get to that symbol for lovers the world over and we just couldn't wait to go to our hotel and then come out again. We made a bee line to the Eiffel Tower and took a picture some 30 meters away to get a picture of Eiffel Tower with the sign trying to promote their bid for Olympic 2012 (which they lost to London) and looking resplendent as ever. It was freezing that night as it was raining but it was worth it.

Just imagine coming into the city during the early summer days and the prices for rooms started to inch up north at a price which you know if you spend it on hotel rooms, you can easily have to pay through your nose. I was not willing to do this and decided to tell my guide that. The guide is a Malaysian who lives in German and he was the one who suggested we take a hotel called Ibis just a bit outside the city but accessible by train. We drove into Paris in a car he owned which was a Mercedes 500SL but as it was hard to find parking, we went around Paris using the underground train.

As for our hotels, it was a simple accommodation which had everything that a person need but very sparse. This was the first time I ever stayed in a hotel by the Accor group of hotel. I was impressed as a seasoned traveller who had stayed in all sort of hotels (there was no Tune Hotels then in Malaysia) I did not know anything about no frill hotels at all. When you are at an expensive cities, it is good to have choices like that hotel.

After that one time, I stayed in a few of their properties among others in Jakarta and Medan. If I go to any one of these cities, I would use their property again without a doubt as their locations are also very near the city centres.

The hotel room doors which are open by entering a code which you get when you register

However, don't get me wrong, the Accor group of hotels offered full service hotels which serve the high end traveller or the normal traveller with all the frills that you can imagine. It was just that they cater to a few type of hotels and they have thought out quite a few options. In Malaysia, they have a few hotel and one of it is the Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel which has just opened. Why not try them on your next travel? They are having a sale now called Accor Hotels City Super Sale. This offer is limited for booking between now and 29th June for travel between July 10 to September 30.


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  1. lol I've been to a hotel where you can actually hear the toilet flush from 3 rooms down the hall! haha... some privacy huh.