Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My eye is up here...

Men are always attracted to what is curvy on a woman and one of the things that they can't resist is a woman who have all the right curves in front of her. I have mentioned about this once in my posting but curvaceous women tend to attract attention, no matter her looks, her clothes or even whether she is sane or not. 

I mean, of course, it does not mean all men will suddenly go mad or start chasing her like a scene from a movie, but the roving eyes will suddenly focus their attention on the chest region. 

I think it is more of an instinct problem than just an attraction. Whenever men try to hide the fact they are looking, they will inadvertably look down and when they see the two globes which is naturally there, they will linger there a bit longer. At the risk of being caught looking.

And I myself would not be a straight man if I don't indulge in it occasionally. At the risk of being stared at by the woman and being given the look that says "Can't you look at me while I am talking and not my breast?".


  1. aaahh i get that ALL the time!! being a well-endowed woman, i'm still amused every time men look down there while i'm talking to them. please use subtlety the next time u wanna stare at a woman's chest. :p

  2. Well some women should be taught a lesson too! If you don't want them to look at you, don't wear that thing! LOL and some men need to learn too that some womena wear "those things that show their curvacious assets" because they wanted to be looked at!


  3. ah....i think that is so normal....lolx

  4. As most of the commentators are women, I believe they have their fair share of this 'problem'