Sunday, May 24, 2009

Women like to hide their intelligent by being blonde sometimes

The 'in' word in between my wife and her friends, and even between my partners who are all ladies is "My blonde moment" to show that sometimes they acted in certain ways just to get what they can by doing just that. And as the name suggested, with apologies to all the intelligent blonde around the world, it is by acting dumb and giggly and all those things that one associates with bimbo. And they do get what they want when they do this.

The problem with me is, I am surrounded by women in my life. From my wife to an office full of women ranging from the school leavers, attachment students, interns, clerks and my partners. In an office of 20 people, there are 4 other men but only one stays in the office all day as the other three are always working in the field. That leave me having to deal with women wiles all day long.

My wife has been out of the equation long ago and she only get her ways when I let him be. As a husband, of course you let her twist you around her finger. What are husbands for, right?

As for my partners, as all decisions that we make are business decisions which may affect our livelihood and even tip the economic scale for the better or worse, that is where everyone knows, if a decision has to be made, I am equal to be the occasional uncooperative boss who just wants things done without caring whether it was going to lead someone to go crying later or hates me for making the decision.

As a boss of nearly 10 years, I have never let any one of my staff to be too 'friendly' or any incident happens which border to the word 'scandal'. It did happen once among the staff but that was considered a one time incident.

In short, women do act as if they are dumb sometimes just to get away with something. Out of being summoned for traffic offence. Batting eyelids to jump queue. Asking strangers to help them change tyres. But in my view, society has wisen up as women themselves have asked to be treated the same. And that is where the game is played on equal footing at times unless it is played by players who never know there are such a rule...


  1. kadang2 sy baca so much about how some women cry and groan when things go sour. They tell themselves that they are doing the wrong thing and yet they continue.........bile dah chronic ...baru panic!

  2. voted for ur blog on the blogexplosion challenge, though I must say youre a pretty big gambler.. 100 credits! while i have to admit that its not better blowing 60 credits on scratch cards XD

  3. Wahaha! Do we now? Hmm...

    Honey, you have been infected by my virus called "7 things"! *wink