Friday, May 15, 2009

Open book

"I have no secret..."

That was my approach in life when I was still single. That was the time of bachelorhood and not really seeing what I would be doing in 10 years. Just graduated and just started a career as a lawyer. Not really knowing who I would be spending my life with or whether I would be another failure to contribute nothing into the Malaysian economy. I was free to choose and was not held accountable to any debt unlike now. As Americans dream their American dream, I was living the Malaysian dream. Being a law graduate sure helps.

Why the sudden change when you are married?

It is easy. Although I might only have another person within the marriage to ensure no loose lips sunk ship, it is still hard work when you have been telling everything to everyone for the last few years before. Everyone knows how talkative I can be if the topic is just right. But when I now have to ensure harmony reign in my life, what I share is limited to general matter or things which is agreeable to both.

Pillow talk is always a sensitive matter. So, shouldn't it extent to those that you have with your spouse?

p/s - What I recommend is read the Bedroom Secrets of Master Chef by Irvine Walsh which does not have anything to do with being open at all

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