Friday, May 22, 2009

Handy Man

I have always been known to do the odd jobs of repairing when I was living with my parents. Then, I got married and I was supposed to be the one who try to repair anything that is broken. It was still true that I do repair things like always but laziness do crept in at times and I do take my time, sometimes, even to change a blown fuse or a bulb which has gone bust. It fell to me on try to repair any broken things which may have resulted in my clumsy hands using it or is due to normal of wear and tear.

However, there are times that there are things which I can't fix. Currently, like what we had with the toilet bowl, we found another problem that I couldn't fix. The flush keep on collecting water without stopping as if it is never full. The sounds show that there are water filling it up. It drove us crazy.

Unlike Tim the Toolman Taylor (if you know who he is, then you are old...), I do have an affinity to really fix things. In the first instance, I opened up the flushing mechanism and put it back. It worked for a few days then the problem cropped up again. Then, I play around with the position of the whole flush by tilting it to the front and back. Still the problem persisted.

Sometimes, after working on it a few times, the fill-up stops. And I considered another problem fixed. Then after using it a few more times, the sound returns. 

Now, after nearly 3 months, I have given up and surrendering the job to a real plumber. 

Being a handy man is one thing but really knowing what you are doing is another thing altogether.


  1. lelaki yg macho mesti kena tahu .......:p

    selepas 3 bulan menyerah kalah tu...ok lah tu.