Thursday, May 28, 2009

Testerone leaden movies

As I was typing this (around 4pm, Wednesday the 27th), I have just bought movie tickets for the new Terminator movie which I am very excited to see as much as the next guy. As that day was Wednesday and since cineplexes took over theaters all over Malaysia, we get to watch movie for cheap on Wednesdays. For the Terminator, it was not the case. They hiked up the price and even though it was a Wednesday, we have to pay a few Ringgit Malaysia more.

Anyway, out of curiosity, why does these type of movies always seem to be able to draw the crowd. The word, Summer Blockbuster Hits, has been in our conscience since Terminator itself, in 1984, brought the big bang of the sound of summer. These type of movies are those which starts with a bang and then end with a bang. One of the first was the Die Hard franchise and the Lethal Weapon franchise. Then when digital technology became more and more pronounced, people are blindsided by very good artificial people moving on the screen and no one really know the difference. 

One of the old testerone filled movie

Universal Studio was once so famous as people pay tickets how movies were made and stunts were performed. I bet in a few years, that will not be the case anymore. Everything will be played out in front of the blue or green screen and actors are just another props that the directors and studio executives have to deal with. Ridiculous demand from divas will be no more.

Aren't all these sound like machines are taking over people already? Actors, you are terminated....

p/s - You can rent those movies from Blockbusters if you haven't seen them... ; ) which you can click below :


p.p.s - Read my take on T4 tomorrow

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