Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you know everything about your partner?

This was brought by a few things. An episode in a television series where a character suddenly said she did not know fully well his partner though they have been married for nearly 20 years (they were the parents character for the main character and this was brought about by the main character's best friends antics). When the woman realised she did not know everything about the man, she became suddenly unreasonable. 

Then there was this one episode of the Kardashian which was where the girls got to see their stepfather giving a motivation speech to a bunch of people and brought about the issue of what do their father do. It seems that he is a well-known motivational speaker (in USA) and he is well respected. That was between a father and daughters (albeit they were stepfather and stepdaughters)

That was also what happened to me today when I gave a talk to a few universities students. Thanks to my friend who wanted me to fill in a slot for a short course on entrepreneurship. I was to talk a bit how to decide if one wants to become an entrepreneur. So, I did. In the presence of my wife. Who said he did not know I could talk. Not to harp my own horn or anything but given the time I spent as a lawyer of course I know how to get a point across.

This is considered as the good part of not knowing someone as fully as you think you do. How about if it is a bad thing? 

How would you deal with it?

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