Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Women always have unfair advantage

In the Apprentice, in the first season, in which one of the team was full of women, the creator and producer of the show, the well-known Donald Trump, noticed that the women in the gameshow tried to use their sexiness as an advantage for them to win each task given, especially if it involves enticing people to buy something. They would pout, coaxed and even dressed a bit more revealing to win that task. They were finally warned of their conduct but they actually managed to get away with it for quite some time. Maybe the rating went up during that time.

In a relationship, it is well known, this happens too. Men sometimes gave in into what was asked  of them as  they fell obligated or they were turned around when they see their love one wants something. Sometimes, they are willing to sacrifice everything they have. Around the world, how many infamous stories about rich old men marrying nubile young girl who would then just waited for their much older spouse to die before being the new rich heiress. That is the extreme.

There are the moderate day to day manipulation of women trying to get the men in their life to do things for them. 

Pout lips.

A promise of some bedroom fun which might not even come.

So many things. 

We men sometimes felt or know that we are being used but we sometimes like it. I even know a few of my friends who crave for it. There must be something in our hormone which make us melt in their hands. But who else would we move mountain for except for the one we love...


  1. Yep! What to do? Women of course have certain unfair advantages...but they do have their very own shortcomings. Hence I believe there's a balance. :D

  2. I can be manipulated like this, but not by a woman I don't know. If it's a stranger, I find the behavior repulsive because I know it's a lie. If it's a woman I know well, I am fooled every time.