Monday, May 4, 2009

Following your spouse to his/her event

I think this has been argued since time immemorial because I have seen it happened between my parents. Whether my mom was asked by my dad to follow him to an event or my dad being asked by my mom to come to her event.

Usually, only the one where my dad was invited to would the both of them would go. They rarely go to the one where my mom was invited. Even if she went to it, it was either she went alone, or she brought me. Her eternal bodyguard.

In my household, it has kind of spilled over to follow nearly the same path. I rarely follow any one of my wife's event and she usually follows me to some of mine. At least I did not really twist her arm to follow me every single one of it. Being an owner of a medium size legal firm where most of my other partners do not really like to entertain, we don't really have office events. Usually our 'event' is done during office hour and usually it was just us eating. Even then not all the staff and partner make it a point to stay. So, I think that is one part I don't have to worry about. 

The whole of last year I followed my wife to just three or five events but she followed me to nearly 10 to 15 events. As I gave her the right of refusal, some of it I did go alone or I ask any one of my friends to follow me. Most of the events that she refused are either the one that have anything to do with lawyers or those where I went to meet my schoolmates. The former is due to she having enough of lawyers (and she finds them boring) and the second is she just couldn't gel with the spouses of my schoolfriends.

It is just that some times, I hate questions like "Why didn't you bring your wife?", in which I would just answer, "She has some work to do", whether it is true or not. Easier than saying, "Oh, we like to do our own stuff sometimes".
Do you have this problem?

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