Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coming back late

I was quite late coming back to the house yesterday. I had quite a full day at work and then I had to go for this talk (which I have post extensively in my other blog, which you can access just beside this post) and then a friend ask me out to meet him for a drink as we are thinking of setting up a business together.

When I arrived home, it was already 12 pm. I did texted my wife before I got into the car I was on the way home with my favourite "OTW home" type of message. Usually the reply was just as curt. This time it was "I am already in bed. Going to sleep". 

I rarely come back home late nowadays but as both of us are working it bound to happen. We usually ate together either at home or somewhere on the way home but when we are out by ourselves, we would eat whatever we can grab wherever we can. So, at home, we would just take a bath and go to bed or in my case, I would sit in front of the PC for some times. 

The other thing about coming back late is having to tip toe around as I hate making too much noise while I am preparing for bed. Though my wife is a heavy sleeper, I just felt it is obligatory for me as I wouldn't want her to wake up. That is until one of the cat meow loudly to be let out. Which usually still wouldn't stir my wife one bit.

However, what I hate most when I don't spend the evening with my wife is having to see her go the next day as I am usually the last one to leave the house. It would have meant that our only conversation is while I am still in bed while she is leaving. And it is usually about what we would be doing that evening. 

It would be a bad week if we would not really meet each other for 2 whole days except when we are sleeping side by side. Like this :


  1. suami sy pula kalau balik lewat, lepas wash out bagai tu...mesti nak ajak sembang...suka bergossip apa yg terjadi satu hari ni

    layan je la...sbb itu saja masa yang ada. esok pagi2 kalau dia keluar lewat, saya yang keluar dulu. Saya ada kelas setiap 9 pagi.

  2. LOL first off, I like one of your ads from google where it says "Marry a Foreign Husband" and I couldn't help but click! Hehe...

    And as for OTW, I have OTY at work sometimes. IT means "Over Time ThankYou" - my overtimes is not paid so the company should thank me. LOL

  3. lol. i like the cats position.

  4. Kujie - Kena borak selalu walaupun separuh sedar. Zaman sekarang masa banyak mencemburui kita ;)

    Daisy - Thanks for the click and my company don't pay overtime too to executives but we pay clerks accordingly

    j or ji - That is their I am totally relaxed position