Sunday, May 3, 2009

Space the final frontier...

...this is the voyager of the U.S.S Enterprise. I think I didn't get that right but being a non-fan at a Star Trek event was the least of my worries on Friday. I was invited to see the new Star Trek movie a whole week before it opens worldwide on 8th of May. One whole week!!! Of course, as a movie fan, I just couldn't resist. So, I agreed to go and managed to coax my wife to come. She was the one who queued at 1.30pm as I went for my Friday prayers. The tickets :


Then, we were treated to so many activities that we were actually exhausted when the time for the movie came. Everyone was a bit grumpy as the security was tight and all have to leave their handphones, PDAs, cameras and in one case, the couple beside us was asked to leave her iPod outside. As everyone knows (except the guards) that iPod is not a recording device, the girl was grumpy as we were seated a bit high within the theatre that she has to go down, out and then vigoriously body-searched again. That was the price we had to pay, right?

So, back to the movie : Star Trek (I try not to spoil it for those who wanted to not know what is the storyline but to be safe, you better stop here)

The movie starts with birth of Captain James Tiberius Kirk with how his parents gave him his name. Then we were given the low down on Spock. Suddenly, everyone grows up 22 years ahead and they then enrol in the Academy. 3 years later, the event which brought them all together came to be. As you had guessed from the trailer, Kirk is not the goody two shoes type of teenager. He was a rebel.

The whole movie was peppered with the introduction of all the U.S.S. Enterprise most famous crews (who some of them I did not even remember). There was Uharu, Montgomery Scott, Sulu and that Russian guy who I don't know how to write his name. But he is funny... Racist kind of funny but funny nonetheless.

The villains were the Romulans and they have a beef with Spock. There was some recycled storyline which seem to be the Star Trek movies curse (blessing?). Not exactly the same with other Star Trek movies but there is that kind of deja vu. And I am speaking as a non-fan and not as a fan. They have action. Explanation on how relationship in Star Trek happens. In-joke. A cameo (hint!) and then some reference to all that you ever know on Star Trek. The cast was great and fresh. There are battles. Scientific stuff.

All in all, I think with this movie Star Trek can gain new fans. What with no television show which is based on Star Trek now. I bet they are going to do one now. I bet it has to do with the Academy. What happens in it and all. At least a cartoon. Oh no, they don't call it that anymore. Animation. My mistake. It was a great movie by a non-fan director and a few non-fan actors. Yes guys, if you don't know already, J.J. Abrams is not a fan of Star Trek. They are all the fan of that Other Universe. Where R2D2 rules!!! (or is it Boba Fett?)


  1. I always liked Star Trek because I used to watch the show with my grandpa. I wasn't going to watch this, but I think I am now. You should tell them you want a percentage for sending them a few customers.

  2. Wouldn't that be great. What do they call that? First dollar cut or something