Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feared Drivers (Mother in the Morning)

One of the time which I feared for my life when I drive is when I had to go out early and I have to pass schools. This is where you can find one of the most feared drivers in Malaysia. Mothers who have more than one child trying to drop their children to school while trying to get to work.

They will do it in one fluid motion and methodically. Drive out of their driveway and hope to not hot anyone. Drive as fast as possible to the first school. Hold hand of the child to the school gate or if he or she is old enough, they will alight from the car and maybe, even before the door is properly closed, the car will shoot of to school no. 2 or the babysitter.

Then, if the mother is a career woman, without having one strand of hair out of place, they will arrive at their office or wherever they have to meet anyone.

If they did not have had the time, they can still apply make-up, all the while driving. Driving very fast, I might add.

And they can asked us to not to text or check our emails on our Blackberry while driving.


  1. Yeah, sometimes women driver are dangerous.. >.<"

  2. I'm not sure if it's just a woman thing. I am afraid to drive in Asian countries - either because the rules are different or there are NO rules!

  3. i kat Hulu Selangor...parking sebesar padang bola..dan kebanyakkan surirumah...

    salah satu sebab saya tinggalkan rumah di KL

  4. As Grayspirit said, in Asia, all drivers are dangerous but as Shinky and Kujie said - the women driver of Asia, are something else