Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking for sugar mummy/daddy

I am actually not sure whether I should post about this here or my other blog, Legal Cat-asthrophe which deals about business and such. Why you ask? Well, having sugar mummy or sugar daddy to me is more of a business deal than anything else.

Just imagine when you negotiate for the 'sugar' that you will be getting from your benefactor who may supply you with cash, car, place to live, clothes and a gym membership for the guys, so that they can keep in good shape. How about those pills either for the women to ensure no unwanted pregnancies or for the men, to make sure they can perform at any time and as long as they possibly can. Of course they want to get their money worth.

So, that is why having a sugar daddy/mummy is a business deal and not just an affair that you have out of the blue where you are deprived of sexual satisfaction by your spouse or partner. Or maybe you are just bored and need some excitement. Being a 'kept' person is hard work, if you ask me.

Where do one get any of these mommies and daddies? I myself thought, you need to prowl the town in clubs and discos or at least at lobbies of hotels, which maybe kind of competing with the local ladies of the nights who may be doing the same thing. It wouldn't be good for your reputation to be mistaken as such and might even be scandalous if you work during the day.

Why not try this website (or maybe you like prowling those bars and clubs) :


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  1. interesting...
    out of curiosity, how did you find out about this site anyway? ;)

  2. From a 'friend' and I'll blog about 'that' later....

  3. Yeah? "girl" friend or a sugary sweet friend? *winks!

  4. Daisy - Read the post when it's up and I'll give you a head's up