Saturday, May 16, 2009

If my friend had known there was Ethical Hacking then...

I had this one friend who was in law school with me between 1992 and 1998. We were one of the naughtiest batch around as during those days, even when we were to sit for exams the next day, we still went out to clubs and party all night. We did bring along our notes but in one of the exams, we went straight from one of the club straight to the exam hall. Luckily, none of us failed that particular subject.

However, this friend of mine was so engrossed in the advent of internet then that what he did all day was sit in his room, chat and play his guitar. Before he became engrossed in internet, which then was connected through dial-up services, he was a grunge guitar player and his idol was Kurt Cobain. He only came out of his confinement if there was any Metallica, Nirvana or Megadeth new album. And to eat occasionally. Usually, he just asked one of his housemate to buy some food for him.

It was the final semester for the final year when he did not came out at all for anything. Even classes. He just sat in his room, chat and by then he already learned how to even set his own program. He did not take the final of the finals. We begged him and even get his father to come and talk to him so that he can at least go to take the exam hall to take the exam. Even the Dean had given him exemption for all the classes that he did not attend. 

He did not go. 

Later, we learned that he actually was one of the respected hacker then. What he did after dropping out of law school was becoming an IT Security Expert. He did take formal education as his skills became more refined. He is still in the IT industry. 

And nowadays, I heard that there is this concept of ethical hacking. There are classes which basically covers
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If only my friend who is now one of the best IT Security Expert in Malaysia have had the opportunity then. Maybe he wouldn't have wasted the 8 years he spent in law school. Except for the fun that we had together. That part was priceless....


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