Monday, May 18, 2009

I hope this won't be another dissappointing summer

This summer, I had the opportunities to watch quite a number of advance screening. For those who know me, they would know that I am a movie addict in which I would always try to watch movie as soon as it opens especially the popular ones. Some of my friends when I was still studying had this game of trying to beat me as the first person to watch a movie.

This time around, I managed to watch Wolverine, Star Trek and Angels & Demons before anyone else. Thanks to having blogs and joining certain forum blogging community. Come to think of it all these are sequels or prequels. Of those 3 movies, Star Trek and Angels & Demons were good. Surprisingly, they were not what I expected. I remembered those summer (I think the year when Tomb Raider 2 was released) I was not satisfied with the offerings of that summer at all.

Sometimes, with all this sequals like Transformers 2, Star Trek 13?, Wolverine (which is like X-Men 4), I would very much love it if I could revise the movies which precede this sequels (or in the case of Wolverine and to a lesser extent, Angels & Demons, the prequel). If only those guys from Blockbuster opened up their store here in Malaysia.

There are video stores here or maybe there is only one, but they don't carry that many old title. This would be great for really old movie like the first Terminator or the early Star Trek movie which I I thought as corny then. Seeing the new one makes me want to see the storyline of the old movie like The Search for Spock or The Wrath of Khan.

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