Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Choice of television shows...

The real use of television

One of the problems in household usually is the choice of what to watch or what to listen when all the members of the family are around. With nearly more than 50 channels and various genre, the choice of what to watch on the television can result in war erupting on who gets the remote.

Although in my household there are just the two of us, my wife and I sometimes do have the problem of trying to have control of the remote. My wife hates it when I want to watch something while doing my work. I sometimes do not really watch the show but concentrate more on my work. That was when she hijacked the remote and watched whatever she wants.

There is also the case of good show being show at 8pm on the cable like Samantha Who on Monday (we have just finished with Season 1) and at that time, if I am home, I would like to watch the news. My wife don't really care for news as I am considered as the one who will update her on whatever needed updating. As I also love the show, I usually will try to watch the headlines then see whether anything of interest is there to watch. If not, we will have a laugh or two at the wicked amnesiac person.

I  wonder how those household with 5 to 6 persons in it manage to be civil when choosing something to watch on tele.


  1. i can relate to this whereby at night, Mum always hogs the remote. at 8, she would be watching the news until 9. and then she will either watch Zee or Zee and and Zee some more, or sometimes she would watch one of those Malay dramas on Prima/Ria. when Dad is around, he would want to watch Discovery channel and the like. as for me, i want to watch those entertainment channels and sometimes when there are good movies (which is very rare anyway) I would wanna watch them. so it's basically siapa cepat dia dapat. and what annoys me is that Dad always tak senang duduk seeing me watching those entertainment channels. tak berfaedah katanya. hmphhh. and oh, don't get me started on what happens when my brothers are around.

  2. If I go back to Seremban, same story where as the 'guest' I have to make way but in my house, not so bad