Sunday, May 10, 2009

Somebody wrote that the new Star Trek is sexy...

...and I would like to concur.

I usually do not easily say the same thing about certain movies which are love by critics or fans. I never find certain romantic movies as what is said about it. Some are just too plain although it was filled by a lot of attractive names and stars. Such as what I have felt when I watched the hyped up movie called He Is Just Not That Into You, in which all those in it seem to just going through the motion. Not really acting. Even when emotions were shown. The whole movie was predictable.

This new Star Trek is different due to many reasons. I am kind of quoting that article I mentioned above which said that the new Star Trek movie is sexy. The casts are all young and makes you want to rip their Federation uniforms from their bodies. They are actually acting the way their adult personas have been presented in the 60s through 80s in which some of them were grumpy, fun, moody, leaders, serious, have killer touch and all that you have seen embodied by the like of William Shatner and of course the much cooler Leonard Nimoy.

If Wolverine : The Origin was about how Wolverine became Wolverine, this is more fun as there are more character to play with. For my wife and I, as most of the actors has just crossed into mainstream movie like Zacahry Quinto as Spock or John Cho as Sulu, we spent most of the movie trying to guess where we have seen them before. Maybe the younger generation would recognised them more which is why this Star Trek will be a must see for them.

Check it out here.

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