Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's smoking

Usually, if I followed my business partner to clubs, the problem that I usually have is when I have to endure these small enclosures seem to make my eyes water. Of course, all this comes from the accumulation of smokes which came from all the cigarettes being smoke in them. I did not know how I managed to went through my high school without picking up the habit but I have never been a cigarette smoker and I hope I will never be one. I did pick up the habit of smoking cigars but I don't really have friends for this hobby, and it kind of died by itself.

My office is full of smokers. Most of them are women and nearly all are still young. In Malaysia, this phenomena of smoking cigarettes by young ladies are considered as a new one. When I was still a students, back in the 90s, the ladies who smoke are considered slutty or at least of loose moral (even though most grandmothers who was young girls in the 50s or 60s smoke like chimneys). Then the millenium came and girls started to pick up the habit. 

Nowadays, even those who wear headscarves smokes. Which shows that people already accepted such habit to be normal (or they are just those who buck the trend).

As for me, as a non-smoker, I have no problem if people smoke in my presence or not. My only beef with them is their cigarette breaks which sometimes impede their work when they take it too often. Especially when there are pregnant ladies in the office and they have to go up on the rooftop area to smoke. That is when we have to limit their smoking time....
The only think I know how to smoke


  1. Smokers create clouds of thought. lol

  2. From what I observed, number of female smokers are increasing rapidly.... and it's getting scary....

  3. i don't smoke but i am a 1st class second hand smoker.i won't be surprised if my lungs are blacker than the smokers'.