Sunday, May 17, 2009

Advance screening of Angels and Demons

This spells Illuminati, either way

And you can know more of this in the movie Angels and Demons, which does not have any angel and demon at all. I was given the chance to watch it when the 'other' internet advertisment company here in Malaysia, Advertlets gave out tickets for the early screening. I did not win it the normal way as I did a posting but did not received any email from them. I considered myself out of the race then. However, on the day of the screening I log on to my Blogger United account which is frequented by the Advertlets owner and lamented that I may not be watching. Then I message him through twitter and guess what, he asked me to attend the screening. It pays to join a bloggers community website sometimes although I am one of the more passive member.

  It was a great movie, surprisingly, as I still have not read the book. My wife bought it and commented along the way on how changes are made especially to the main character way of dressing which was supposed to be inappropriate for the Vaticans. There was one special effect at near the end of the movie involving an explosion which I think was spectacular, although I had watched Star Trek and Wolverine this summer. As I have recommended others to watch Star Trek than Wolverine, I would say that this movie also can be recommended.

It made me want to rent that movie, the Da Vinci Code, and watch it again. If there is an internet site like the Blockbuster here in Malaysia, I would have rent it. That is why we still rely on our only cable company and sometimes those downloads that we do for movies.


  1. So nice.. I haven't watch this movie yet.. >.<" Might gonna catch up with it..if I have time. ^.^