Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another movie preview : Star Trek

I was given a chance to join some Star Trek fans to watch the new Star Trek movie thanks to a newspaper in Malaysia which had extended its reach to Malaysian bloggers by doing a website called the All Malaysia Bloggers Project (AMBP) which basically listed all the Malaysian blogger and having events throughout the year. They have not been holding any event in a while and when we got to know they are offering tickets for the new Star Trek movie, I grabbed the opportunity and won the places. It was not just the screening of the movie but a half-day event where there were some treasure hunt, Star Trek quizzes (Which I failed at the first question. Who knows what is the battle cry of Klingons or was it the mating call?) and some cool stuff given away. As AMBP is an extension of a radio station as well, the radio announcers were on hand to entertain us while giving away stuff. Here are some pictures which I have managed to take. The review? I'll talk about it tomorrow

Deejay J.D. and Dili from Red FM
 Our national car being made into the Millenium Falcon? Nope, U.S.S. Enterprise (sorry trekkies)

The place was full of signs and buntings related to Star Trek

These are the Malaysian trekkies/kers

The two final contestants of the quiz (of course them trekkies won)
The captain won and not the crew (that is why he is the captain)

2 bloggers (serge and julian) emmulating a scene from the new movie

Free gifts galore

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