Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sexual stamina

So, that Michael Phelps guy really have the stamina huh? Three straight hour of sex. Of course, this came from a stripper who suddenly wanted to reveal this information just when the name of Michael Phelps has died out from everyone's mouth. Maybe it is true or it may be exaggerated a bit. Hell, maybe in a few weeks we may can be served with another sudden appearance of a sex tape. It may not even be Phelps'. It maybe that of the couple who had a very public fight during the Grammy award and in which one of them suddenly had a few of her private photo stolen and released to the public. Too many celebrities nowadays that they need to have an edge even if it means showing their sexual prowess.

Just a thought, how long actually sexual stamina last. Most are more in awe of a male who can last long than a female who can last a few sessions hours even. Who was that Singaporean lady who had sex with nearly a 100 men? Or was it more than that? But if a man can last long or have more than one orgasm, suddenly he is a sex god. Maybe the difference in our anatomy is the answer to that question. Though our natural appetite is another thing altogether.

Maybe doing things in moderation is still the best way to go. We do need to live our life other than fornicate all day and all night, unlike those who do it at the drop of the hat. What is it with porn anyway? Does it ever happen like that in real life? Come to think of it I never see any giant robots fighting at the highway too. At least sex is something real. Both may be postings for another day (the porn and the robot issues).

So, how long is good for you?

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