Saturday, May 23, 2009

Those coupons book

I have a car which have a certain type of membership and with it there is certain times of the year where I will receive coupon books for me to get discount on certain things like clothes and such. The same goes when I have these credit cards which supposedly give of points for every penny I spend on any of the purchase which I use these cards on. Usually the points can be converted into items which sometimes are useful around the house or if you are a big spender you can even buy handphones and such with these points.

I actually are too lazy to take these coupons around and even if did have it in my briefcase, being a man, we are more of an impulse buyer than women. We buy things when we think we need it. This is one big different between women and men. Women are willing to wait for sales and deal with crowds and such whilst men will just buy whenever they feel like it.

That is why, I suggest the women in North America who think they want to save on their purchase to bu 2009 Entertainment Book which can help them save at any time. They can save on dining, shopping and even travel. Their main retailers are Best Buy, Target and Home Depot. It is specific to wear you live. It has coupons, membership cards and even more printable coupons. And the price is also attractive with free shipping. During this

I know my wife would love one if it applies here in Malaysia. We do have those coupons from a company which owns boutique like Chloe, Hugo Boss and a few others. I do need a new pair of shoes.

Maybe we will utilise it this weekend.
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