Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dropping everything to travel


My idea of a perfect getaway is stolen from somebody else's mind. I had a client once who told me of his idea of success. He even promised me to do just that if what we built together then became a reality. It didn't and he has already migrated to China. In view of how much he still owe me, I hope to never see him again.

Anyway, back to that dream holiday.

It was to be on or near the new year's eve.

Go to the airport (whatever the nearest, for me is Kuala Lumpur International Airport).

If there are a few of you, choose one person (through whatever mean).

That one person go to the departure television screen, close his or her eyes and point his or her finger to any one of the destination.

If it falls to New York, buy plane tickets to there and celebrate your new year there. If it falls to Kathmandu, go there. If it falls to a small town within your country, just go there. You get the idea.

Do it every year.

Oh, and this was before 9-11 where travel was easy anywhere.

I nearly did it last new year but I was bogged down with something.

Still hoping to do it one day....


  1. Set your time and enjoy your getaway. Don't worry too much because tomorrow will always bring another set of problems.

  2. Well I hope its just that easy to go to Europe! I would love to visit the Eiffel tower one day!