Friday, February 20, 2009

Girlie magazine

Not porn but magazine for women. Why are they so thick? You need to go through a lot of advertisements (see my posting on Ads for women) before you can get to the articles or pictures. That is why sometime you see women just flipping one after another page before stopping by at a particular page which interest them. 

There are so many advertisement and they can process the advertisement that pass through their mind in very fast that they only need just a glance before actually stopping at the important one for them. Observe any one of them flipping a woman magazine if you don't believe me. I saw my mom, my wife and my business partner do it. Especially when they are at the hair saloon.

How do I know all this? I mean, how do I know what are the contents of women's magazine? Of course, I am those not so rare breed of men who reads women magazine nearly every month. Eager even, awaiting for those that my wife buys on an irregular basis as she does not have a particular favourite. Cleo, Women's Weekly, Bazaar, Female and some others. I sometimes go into waiting rooms at clinics or saloons while waiting for them finish doing whatever that they are there for just so I can flip through the latest one. Dome Restaurant is also a favourite eating place as they have all sort of magazines either for women or men.

Once I was told, it was a big no, no for men to go through women magazine. I don't think that is a problem anymore as I have seen men sitting down at Border's flipping through them just like it was made for them. Even the publishers have noticed this and adds a few pages for the men.

You got the latest Cleo? Can I borrow it awhile?


  1. I like Woman's Weekly, Hello, Female, Eh! etc. And Anjung Seri and other deco's magazines. Err...itu pun kira girlie magazine la kan? :P

  2. Mana boleh kira anjung seri and deco magazine girlie magazine, itu deco mag lah. lelaki skrg byk buat deco tau...