Monday, February 2, 2009


I just came back from Indonesia last week, at a very famous town among Malaysian for it's 'half-original' products. As for me, shopping was one of the least of my concern as I was there to experience those that Indonesia is alternatively famous for. I have been to most of the big towns in Indonesia like Jakarta and Bali. In all those towns I will be looking for places which offer good massage. Even if I am in Malaysia, I would sometime ask for the Indonesian type of massage.

I was squirmish of massage once. I hate being touched and kneaded while being half naked by strangers. I was not that affluent when it comes to receiving massage as in how you should behave or where you should put that hands or if you have to make sure your bladder is empty to ensure uninterrupted treatment. That was until I was introduced to massage by a friend of mine who seems to enjoy doing it long before I know the bliss that accompany it. Now, I actually know how to enjoy it even more by ensuring the pressure hit the right nerve...

Nowadays, I am an avid fan of massage and my favourite type of massage comes from two of Malaysia neighbouring countries, which are Thailand and Indonesia. For Thailand, it's their foot massage that I love and for Indonesia, it's their full body massage. I was told, which I actually never experience, certain type of massage is so good, it could bring you to shoot of your.... how do I say this delicately, your seeds, without your manhood being touch (I know in certain part of the world, massage may be another lingo for those unmentionable line of work, this is totally different). That would really make that massage totally 'meaningful'...

Usually it starts off with some foot massage


  1. I like shiatsu a lot. But overall I'll got for any type of massage (by proper masseurs/masseuses of course ...)

  2. I heard Thai massage even more shiok.