Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Never forget a face

It may be a curse or a blessing, according to how you see it. I rarely forget a face although I am bad at remembering names. Really bad. Even those who I already know for years. I can even sometimes forget a name even while I am talking with the person. And I am also good at covering this facts with certain tricks.

The faces that I have met may sometimes be at a function in which that person I met albeit briefly. It maybe someone I saw in my university like yesterday when I was at IKEA in Damansara. This guy was one of the regular student who I usually met at the cafe in my campus where I usually have my dinner nearly every night between 1994 to 1995. That was, what? 14 years ago? We never talked or anything the whole time we passed each other. But yesterday, when I passed him while I was going to take the food from the self-serve counter at the IKEA Cafe, I saw him and I smiled at him remembering him from those days. He smiled back although I saw that he hesitated a bit before doing it. He may have wondered who is this guy who suddenly smiled at him out of nowhere.

This is rare as I usually wouldn't have smiled to anyone unless I know that he or she would smile back. If you think I would ever use this as a pick-up line when I was still single, I would never have done it too. I will be too self-conscious to use it as an opening gambit. I would be too afraid that the other person would just say no then I wouldn't have known on how to follow-through. Even with men, I would just let it pass again, unless it would help me get some business in which I would do my utmost best to introduce myself and tell him of the time I was in the same universe as him or her and find some common ground. But I will still fumble with the name.

As I said, it can be a blessing or a curse....

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