Saturday, February 21, 2009


Don't you just love it when you have the time to just lay there on the bed, early in the morning, without having to move and reach by your side for whoever is lying there and cuddle? A likely scenario for those who have that special someone, especially for those who are married.

Some don't like doing it in the morning except on Saturdays and Sundays as they will be in a hurry trying to get back to work. Some will be too busy with their children that they wouldn't dream of taking their own sweet time when it comes to waking up. Being busy and being unable to do this simple act of love will sometimes torn a relationship apart. Other time it will just create a barrier which might then create a space perfect for further abuse.

Other than a cuddle after sleep, the best time to cuddle is thought to be after sex by most women. After having given themselves to the man that they love, women would love for that vulnerable time to be fill with talk of assurance full of love. At least an affirmation that their other half love them as much as the act that they had perform together. Men, being a creature of physical prowess usually think that their performance is the only thing that matters.

Believe me, I sometime did the same mistake.. Better to indulge in this simplest form of affection, whether you are the type who loves showing it to the whole wide world or just in the private than to just let everything revolve around how good you are in bed.

Can this be considered as cuddling

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