Sunday, February 22, 2009

Smoking auntie

No. Not a MILF like what I have written last week which you can access here.

This is about these aunties who smoke cigarettes which you can find nowadays at hotel's lobby or just about everywhere. They will light up their choice of smoke faster than the men and they can hold it up as stylish as any film star of old. Some looks like they have just finish cavoting with Audrey Hepburn like in that classic picture from Breakfast at Tiffany's.

And don't mistake it as a new phenomena as I have a grandauntie once who smoked like nobody business. The type of cigarette that she smoked? A now-defunct cigarette called Signal. The box of this cigarette is orange with a green stripe in the middle. And the picture shown on it is a picture of a train's signal of the old west where a light and two woods on a pole act as warnings of incoming train for road users.

Oh... That just brings back a lot of memories. But these smoking aunties I see around KL nowadays? I think they are a dying breed although I see too many young ladies picking up the habit. Too many people nowadays become cautious of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and they are cramping these aunties style. Maybe then they will change their preference to those cigarette where you need to roll it before you can smoke it. Then, that would really make them feel their age...

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