Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Long distance remote control

I have this friend once who was studying in Australia and his future wife, who is of course now is his wife, was staying in Malaysia and was already working. They had this thing which is called a long distance relationship. The relationship was a very straining one as the father of the guy was trying to break them off and the girl was adamant in keeping her love. They succeed in the end.

The way the girl did it? By keeping tap of everything, I mean, everything of what the guy do in Perth. I mean, EVERYTHING. She would call every other hour and ask what he is doing and with whom. Whether he was going to class. Whether he was playing football with his friend. Whether he was driving off somewhere for the weekend with some of his friend. 

I was there with his father one day (he was basically my friend's son then but now is already my friend in a way). We were looking around the town for a house as an investment. As I am more of the son's age than the father, at night we were out in town doing things that students do. Going to the hangout place of his friends. Going to the casino in town just trying our hand in some gambling (which we suck). Going to some clubs around town in which I let him sit around with his friends trying to ignore the fact he may be drinking, which he wouldn't me to see. 
That club trip was not conveyed to his girlfriend back home. The other trips like to the casino or the other places were duly conveyed as she called nearly until we went back to the hotel I was staying with his father. The remote did not have a good reception after all...

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  1. wow, I had to salute on that gal for doing that for him, just to hold on to him...

    if it's for me, I dun think i want to do it as if i dun let someone go (bcoz they wanted too), one fine day they will ...

    I rather now then later, once we're married