Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Secret Diary of A Call Girl

Some of you may know it but some of you may just have read the book or the blog. Thanks to the beauty of the internet, I have watched all the episodes in Season 1 and Season 2 (except 2.5 which seems to be missing) of this interesting television series about the ups and downs of a London call-girl who spill all of her career history. It will of course, never comes to be shown in the Malaysian television as the subject of a working girl will never find it's way through the Malaysian censorship board, but you might never know as I thought I will never see the Sopranos on Malaysian TV and it is now being shown (although I have seen all of the episodes more than once on the net)

The blog and the books that the television series are based on are titled Belle de Jour : Diary of a London Call Girl but the title was shorten for the television series. Maybe they just want to say that you can displaced the call girl anywhere and they don't want the stigma of the series to skewed towards London only. But, who cares why the name of the series is not what the name of the source it was taken. I didn't even know that the blog or books exist before the series. Heck, maybe the real call girl has already become rich than she could possibly imagine.It must be a dream to a few of those who has a blog to achieve what the owner of the blog had managed to do.

The star of the series is someone my wife can relate to although I am more interested when she is naked. Her name is Billie Piper who is supposed to have done a few stints when she was still a  young lady as a singer. I actually may have heard of her but never really know her. Maybe she is famous in UK once but for the life of me, I can't remember her. Maybe her songs did played on the radio once but I may have forgotten it. Anyway, it seems that she started acting only after 2003 in television series which you can only find in BBC, which is not a favourite among Malaysian (unless you are a cult TV series follower of Dr. Who)

However, the Secret Diary series is also a kind of a naughty way for my wife and I to enjoy a show which can actually excite us both in the bedroom. It is not that we try to imitate what was shown on TV but with the show being classified as "18" in the UK television and shown late at night, you can just imagine the scenes that are shown. It becomes like when we watch the L Word although we never finished the series yet. And the Secret Diary seems to be heading for a 3rd Season although the 2nd Season finale had her appearing in a talk show as if she had retired from being a call girl.
Come back Belle, I can't wait to see what you have more up your knickers...


  1. I know of the blog years ago... but never followed it religiously. I also recently read the book, but it's only so-so.

    The show? Tintillating, but nothing more than that.

  2. Billie Piper? Didn't she act in Coyote Ugly?

  3. Rambling Mind : You have her confused with Piper Perabo but I did too when I heard of her but that Perabo is waaayyyy hotter