Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A neighbourhood I don't want to change

I actually don't want my neighbourhood to ever be totally completed. There are still quite a few phases for the developer of our housing project to complete before they can sign off the development to the local authority. These phases keep on changing every other month from another terrace houses to a hospital then to a commercial area that we don't actually know what we finally will have as our neighbouring area. We also get the trickle of informations from new residents who join our neighbourhood gatherings and meetings about what the developer is planning to do, though we don't actually believe the developer anymore (another story for another post).

However, I believe this place that I call home with a few thousands other, including some natives who are relocated from their home to terrace houses and I gladly call my neighbour, I would be totally contented to keep on living with construction all over the area and not having it being that well known. My friends or relatives always have a torrid time of looking for my house or even the neighbourhood itself as the entrance to it's road is not that well lit.

My reason? By not being famous enough, even the criminals do not know there are houses at where we are located. There is very, very low crime rate within our area and there are also very little traffic. There is no unsightly youth hanging around at places they usually hangs around in other neighbourhood and we even have quite a close knitted families making the youth of our neighbourhood not easily influenced by other youth from outside.

So, I would love for my neighbourhood to stay as it is although I sometimes miss my morning paper as I am not willing to drive out of my area for my daily dose of news or I have to drive out just to get something to eat. I just hope that if they do fully develop this area, it will be in another 10 to 15 years when I myself may look for a bigger house, if ever.


  1. Somethings its a good thing for not being in a famous neighbourhood. The crime rate at my area is darn high la.

  2. Wow we share the same sentiment...