Friday, February 6, 2009


How can you not have one? Even when you have kids? At least a fish. Or fishes. I have fishes, lots of them and cats. Just for me to take care of and love and a kind of a place for me to feel wanted. Unconditionally. Not that I don't know people do the same thing as in loving you unconditionally like a mother does to her child but talking to cats can actually do you good. A lot. 

These cats were actually never had a chance to live in my house once as my wife is afraid of cats. She just hated it when they couldn't keep their paws to themselves when she eats in restaurants and she also had a personal bad experience when her mother, who suffered from diabetes was attacked by a cat for no apparent reason which actually required her to be stitched. It was horrific and until now we just couldn't understand why the cat attacked. 

However, one day, there was this sound on our backdoor. When my wife opened it, lo and behold, there were four cats who were just being born left on our doormat. Their mother did comes back after some time but my wife was hooked. She thought they looked like rats but then she did not want them to die as they looked cold. I put them in a box lined with some rags and left them at the back of our houses. When they started to look like cats, my wife just couldn't have enough of them looking adorable and cute. That was when we let them in. Two of those cats have died but one of them gave birth to another two before we decided to neuter the females. Now we have four of them and they are actually those that we think the most when we go away. And they even have their own budget every month.

 At rest...
 At their naughtiest
You need us for what again?

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