Thursday, February 26, 2009


When you are married, one of the thing that you will have to let go is celebrating those anniversaries that most women love so much to do. The first kiss. First movie. The engagement date. The day you declare to the world that you are a couple. The first XXX things that you do with each other. So many first you can list out as you would be trying to capture all that you have done or haven't done together. All these things are small gestures that you want to capture, bottle it up and put it on the shelf of your memory. The nooks and the crannies that you call life.

Then you get married....

All those anniversaries? Poof!!! Gone. You need to remember only 3 celebrations. The day you get married. Your birthday (as if you can forget that) and hers or his. That is it!!! Unless you have kids then there are more that three celebrations. Unless your families and hers/his are big on celebrating whatever anniversaries together. Like the 30th anniversary of his or her parents. You know the type which mine aren't. Thank God for small favours.

Those other celebrations that you had before are just the prelude and excuses for you to but your other half some gifts. And to spoil her/him with a dinner and/or a date. Okay, let me be frank. I believe this celebration-at-every-date is a scam demand imposed unreasonably by the womenfolks on the menkind. Okay, I am too harsh. But I still think we don't need to many dates to celebrate. Even the most important one we forgets and now you want us to remember the others? Tough luck...


  1. Haha seems everything starts to get boring by then.

  2. We (a.k.a. the men) are actually thankful for not having to remember