Friday, February 13, 2009

Bathing together

This post is actually a request from one of my frequent reader (I myself never believe I have even one of those, but it's true) She really thinks that there should be an essay on the issue of couple showering together and what happens when they do this stuff.

To tell you the truth, I have a bit of a problem in this matter. It is not that I never do it or anything but I just felt uncomfortable when I am in a bathroom and there is another person in it. I was not a big fan of having a lot of people together in one communal bathroom when I was in secondary school. I would like to do my business in private as I have a lot of things to throw out from my body, to clean those places which I would like to do myself (as I feel I am the only person who knows whether it is totally clean or not) and to trim or cut or whatever that you do with those hair which seems to grow in strange places. 

Don't get me wrong. I love being naked. Either alone or with the one I love. It is just that I would rather it be in the bedroom and not the bathroom. I have this one friend who seems to always talking about taking a bath together as they were always doing this while they bathe their child. He sometimes tell this to us when  we had finished playing a game of tennis and were having some drinks after. That was one of the cue of him trying to go back early. He was quite a looker and when he said this, I could see the look of a few of the women who were sitting with us to suddenly glazing over imagining him taking a bath with them. 

For my everyday bath, as I tend to stay quite some time in the bathroom and the timing of the bath is usually very much different with my wife who always on the clock as she works from 9 to 5, I rarely do this on a regular basis. However, if the location is a place with a bathtub and we don't have to contend with cleaning up afterward, taking a bath together is sometime a preamble to more intimate activities. 

Call it more of a foreplay if you will, rather than a full blown jiggy session.

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