Thursday, February 12, 2009

From afar

I sometimes have his tendency to admire people from afar. I mean, I want the illusion of them being perfect to never be shattered. I think there is a song about this illusion that people tend to have on other people. For the life of me, I just don't know what song or how it goes...

I think as a man, we learn as we get older that a woman we see on the street who looks as if she is in control of everything or even a man who dress sharply, does not necessarily mean that she or he is in control of everything. Carrying yourself with confidence and with a demeanor of someone in control, you will give the image of a person who is in control.

In reality, every human has a flaw. The model who catwalks on the runaway had to be trained to look that confidence as they strut around, sometimes in such a flimsy clothings that you just wonder how they can look indifference in the cold of the hall or the heat of the place where the photo shoot is being done. How about those who walks around in clothing which actually make the wearer sweat but they seems to be poise and as cool as ice... Makes you wonder huh?

That was what I felt once. Nowadays, as I have people who are around me which look poise and confident  but can be totally opposite in private, I know that the illusion that people create to show a persona to live by is just another facade which can help one maintain his or her demeanor. Whatever their profession, their background and their upbringing.

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  1. You're right. It's like everyone is wearing a disguise to hide their real self. We neend to remember to look more closely.