Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I was a strapping young lad, one of the movie which I love to watch again and again was Bill & Ted's Adventures either the first one or the one where Death made an appearance. The reason? It's cool... As that movie has Keanu Reeves as one of it's character, during those years, I even think Tom Cruise is cool. With their hair and their boyishness and all the cool move that they do, either in a jet fighter or just walking, they are the epitome of cool.

Cool have always being associated with being able to stay in control of the situation although in truth you may not be able to do anything if ever anything ever happens. In movies, unless the script dictates, the character can actually walk through fire without dying. When we are still a kid, our older brother is considered as cool as he can already do things we are still to do. Our parents are also those who can do no fault. Unless you come from a broken home or no home at all, that is.

It can be said that just by looking cool does not mean you are cool. As in you feel cool, not irritated. All boys when they see a beautiful girl or woman, when they are still young and inexperience (it can happen to men too, I know) thinks that this beauty of a thing will never feel pressured and they have the world in their hands. In reality, it may not be so. Being cool onstage does not mean being cool in life. Through a few reality show like America's Top Model and what the Donald showed in his own The Apprentice where the celebrities became the contestant, some of those who are supposed to be cool are not at all.

Is it really necessary to be cool?

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  1. I loved those Bill & Ted movies! I taught my three year old cousin to act like them just to annoy his parents. That was cool!:)