Friday, November 7, 2008

Ad for women

Have you seen the television series 'Mad Men' about the advertisement executives in Madison Avenue in 1950s? They were living in 1950s world where the men controls everything and everybody smokes. People smokes at every opportunity they could light up and no one bat an eyelid. It won quite a few Emmys this year.

Watching it makes me wonder about the advertisement industry and women. I did write before about women being too thin nowadays (see, especially all those supposedly 'beautiful people'. The women themselves also seems to be eager to allow themselves to be exploited either as those who parade clothings for fashion houses or those who tries to be those who can actually wears them. Both are exploited by men and nowadaysn due to everything being equal, by women themselves too.

The women magazine in store nowadays are always so thick that after 2 issues, you would have a door-stopper which can stop the door to the gates of Mordor (Lord of the Ring). The advertisement would either be for make-ups, perfumes or beauty centre. All to make women more beautiful according to some beauty gurus vision of beauty.

My wife has this soft spot for KFC and Pizza Hut advertisements where she can easily be influenced by the yumminess of a new burger or a new pizza being presented through a voice-over or a picture in the paper. I always commented on this but now I realised at least she was salivating for food and not some cosmetic which just doesn't endear her more to me (although I know she does buys them regularly).

As for those who still believe that your spouse's affection will change due to you looking different than you already are -


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