Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A cup of joe

It is official. Starbucks does not have the best coffee (according to Yahoo! Shopping) . They only have the best marketed coffee. They took the beans from various places like Colombia and Indonesia, repacked it nicely, put their label there and then sell it over the counter at all these fancy restaurants as if they are the best cup of joe that one can ever tasted. Whether that is true or now, there was never a discussion

Then you have a film like The Bucket List which starred Nicholson and Freeman who keep on harping Coffee Luau as the best coffee in the world which is extracted from the droppings of civet cats which live in Sumatra. Now, why does little old me, a guy who live in a country which is surrounded by the two island in which coffee are grown and sold off as commodities need to go to a western country shop to experience the best coffee in town? 

There is this one coffee shop at the affluent neighbourhood of Bangsar which sells all the type of coffee in Malaysia which nearly runs up to 25 places as the name of the coffee is attributed to it's place of origin. The name Chawan is the old spelling of the Malay word 'cawan' which translate to 'cup'. There are a lot of kopitiam or coffee shop which came from the Chinese type of coffee shop in Malaysia and they also sold wicked coffee. The most commercial coffee beans in Malaysia comes from Indonesia and labelled as Kopi Kapal Api or the Lighthouse Coffee. It is sold in a packet as big as Starbuck's own coffee at a much cheaper price. This is the coffee I get if I ask anyone of my staff to make coffee for me.

Yes I know, Starbucks sell the ambiance. The plush sofa. The free wifi. The status symbol, if you can call it that. But, I need to digress by saying that in this current climate, I, who only drink black coffee, which is not even added any sugar to it, will now stick to that. Drinking coffee and not some unpronounceable tall machiato or whatever....

Fancy but it is still just coffee


  1. the thing is i dun really like coffe..

    anyway, u got a really nice blog here..
    very nicely written..
    good job..