Wednesday, February 18, 2009


When you have been married for a while, the desire to get naked and do the horizontal lambada become less and less pronounced. Work, fatigue and even laziness crept in. Sometimes, you don't expect to 'do' it that night then the signal was sent out and you must at least reciprocate in a way. For my household where there are only the two of us, unlike those with kids, we don't actually need a set time for us to get frisky. Our lives for the past 6 years have been like one long date. And no, I am still not bored with my wife. I don't think I ever will.

It is just that when we were still young, we think that having sex is a mysterious things and that joke about how a woman's body and a man body react to it (where a woman's body like Africa, waiting to be discovered, etc) is actually quite true as man and woman react differently when confronted with the chance to have sex. It is not as if there is a need for you to overanalyse, as sex comes naturally when you have done it year after year. What made it different is the intensity of the act which can be quite intense, moderate or just plain wham, bam, thank you madam, kind of sex. Of course, as much as every man wants to be call a stud, not all sessions will be as such. There are the repetitive ones as familiarity crept in.

That is why, to increase the libido of each other, a change in scenery like short getaway, different places within the household and of course, toys and lingerie becomes a must to spice things up. Even the man need to do some effort in this department as just lying there (or is that the woman?) or doing the same thing over and over again won't just cut it. Doing it with gusto like those scenes you see in a porn movie might not be as frequent you would like to do or believe you did. In truth, reality is not at all like what is portrayed in those films. Like the joke goes, why couldn't what happen in porn movie like when you walk around the neighbourhood someone offer to have sex with you.

To increase libido here in this country, there are a lot of concoctions and pills for you to use to give the illusion of a stud. From the mundane Red Bull, which may work for some or the infamous Long Jack (Tongkat Ali) and even for the women in the form of Kacip Fatimah or a few others. For men it basically make your tool of the trade stands up for quite some times and for the women, you will have boundless energy to entertain your love ones. Even then, if your really are not in the mood, would you still do all this just to make sure that this one part of your love life is kept alive although some other parts are troubled?


  1. yup..a successful marriage must be rebuilt every day...

  2. To me, sex is another form of exercise. Just like any other game. You got to be committed and keep doing twice a week. For example a game like badminton or golf, if you lay off for some time, you cant play as well and you also dont have the stamina. Please dont give excuses. Men and women are the same. Trust me, if you exercise everyday, you dont need all those tongkat ali or kacip fatimah. When you are fit you are a better love maker.

  3. yeah so that's one reason from keeping me away to "tieying the knot" so to speak.

    Passing by from BOTB, I voted for you btw.

  4. Thanks Daisy for stopping by and I have yet to find out what is BOTB