Friday, February 27, 2009

Bowel movements...

Every morning, without fail, I will be sitting on the throne and do my thing before I face the day. Sometimes, if lunch is a gastronomic experience which all Malaysian can appreciate, I will already be going to the loo to clean up my stomach of those excess food in the afternoon. In short, bowel movements sometime play an important part of the daily schedule. That is why it is important for that first load to be properly dispose of at the start of the day. Why is this important? I know quite a few of my friends who seem to have a hard time to do this on a daily basis. Even once.

I was a sceptic on the importance of having a good digestive system long ago. It was suppose to be a disgusting and unworthy of all the time people spend discussing whilst having to take medicine or elixir to help them do this on a regular basis. Then, as I expand the circle of my friends and grow older, I found out that if we don't keep this matter in check, there are a lot of disease that one can catch if one does not clear themselves of the toxic that they need to get out of their digestive system. Some of those who are the same age of me had already been cut up and had their kidney stone taken out. Some suffer from constipation so bad that the only way the can only hit the can (pun intended) when they have taken some kind of pill to help them do it.

What has this got to do with relationship? I questioned a few people on what they feel is the most enjoyable thing that they can do in their lifetime. Sex or sitting on throne? Some just laugh at the question and say of course sex is the best thing that they could ever feel. Some says relieving yourself is the best feeling ever. Some say both. Some just couldn't decide. Simple question right? I always say the latter is the best feeling ever even if I have the ability to do it everyday. 
Just imagine in your old age or if you are sick. Do you think about sex or hitting the can?

'Food' for thought huh?


  1. I knew when I saw the subject that this post was going to be good. It made perfect sense and was funny too. Your posts are never disappointing.

  2. Anyone who would pick dropping a deuce over knocking boots has never had awesome animal sex. Come on. I've experienced some majestic movements in my time, but nothing as gratifying as one night in Bangkok!

  3. Ratty - Thanks Ratty...

    Sushi Freak - As much as an animal you can be, I bet if you really need to go, you need to go...