Monday, February 23, 2009

Scary movie

I have not seen scary movies for quite sometimes. Its not a choice but more of an understanding between me and my wife. My wife is averse to scary movie you see. She wouldn't touch a scary movie with a ten feet pole. I have to actually find another person to go and watch it with me or go see it alone. Oh, I am one of those who can watch a movie alone without any problem as I can gorge myself on the popcorn and the Coke. And although sometimes watching movie at 3pm sometimes left you alone in the theater, I actually love the feeling as if you own the theater like those who have it.

I myself never consider this as a big problem as I have pass the phase of this phobia of 'things lurking behind' closed door/closet/whatever. I was so scared of the unseen that I even wouldn't close the door when I went to the bathroom. It lasted until I was 9 years old as I followed my parents who were Felda senior officers who were given government quarters as part of their benefit. As my father was the highest ranking officer in one of the division in Pahang, he was given this huge bungalow which has wings nearly as big as 2 badminton court. I had to sober up quickly from my fear as I was always left alone when they went outstation to attend to their work. There was also these big birds which like to tap, tap on my window like the Raven in Poe's poem (seriously!).

Back to the issue on scary movie. As it was a pact that have lasted for quite some years since we got married, I have learned to live with the embargo. Although I do love watching scary movie, although they are rarely a first choice, it is agreed that I can still go and watch the movie as long as my wife don't have to accompany me. So, the movies like Ju-On (a scary Korean movie) and some others were watched alone. As for popular horror movie, like those vampire movies, my wife do accompany me but nearly half of it she will spend behind her hands or my shoulder. At least, during that time, I do have company which sometimes is better than watching alone...


  1. IMHO, I don't see the point of watching scary movie. You see, you watch scary movie to scare yourself. When you got scared you say it's scary, if you're not, you say the movie sucks. I don't really enjoy the moment of watching scary movie where I need to wait the movie to scare me.

  2. I love scary horror movie. Scary movies that plays with spirit (with no glimpse of body or faces of the ghost) scares me more than movies with ugly-scariest-with-blood-all-over ghost. I just love the feels of suspense and "terkejut". Plus it gives me reasons to "pretend" to be scared and quickly grab someone's arm when I'm on a date. Hahahaha....

  3. hyperX - The reason of watching movies are just the same, whatever type of movie is an escapism

    missint_s - That is the reason why I love bringing girls to scary movies too. Once...