Thursday, February 5, 2009


'Swinging bowl!' and 'lamb on a grill', that is basically how I swear. I do swear properly with words such as "S*%T" or "F?%*&^%$G AS@$^&LE" if I am really mad but people will usually know that I am mad when they see my face turning red and my tone of voice starting to rise. Though my face also turn red when I feel embarassed and I like to raise my voice when I want to make a point. So, if both are present at the same time, then I am really ready to go into exploding mode.

But, as a general rule, being angry does not mean that I would swear. Unless I am alone in car and no one is beside me to hear me swearing. So, the swinging bowl or mangkuk hayun and lamb on a grill or kambing kena panggang (sometimes the kambing kena masak kicap, tengok mood). Anyway, it is like swearing by not swearing. I mean, it's not as if I am trying to shield a child ear from hearing bad things (hear no evil?) as I don't have a child but it was born out of my reluctance of not trying to say bad words without needing to.

It was even picked up by my brother and used extensively when he cursed and swear but his reason is more for the sake of his sons. So, it even help people to not lose too much control on what comes out of their mouth. One of my friends had no control of when she swear that she once sweared a bad word (very bad) in front of my mother and until now she still feel embarrased for that one time she created a scene in front of her.

What's your favourite swearwords?

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