Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tropic Thunder : a male bonding experience

 (Spoilers alert)

Although this will be an oxymoron as I watched it with my wife on the Deepavali holiday while waiting for my surprise birthday party to happen (which I managed to know minutes before it happened. See the celebration here : However, I would love to have watch it with my male friends (which I don't have anymore due to having own business and all)

Back to the movie. Was it good? Yes times 5 which means that I LIKE IT!!! All the actors which include one of which I hate were good.

Ben Stiller made a action comedy buddy movie where no female lead was even presence. There was a kid who leads an army and some extras who were hot but were not leading ladies. So, the fact is, this movies does not have a worthwhile actress in any of its scene.

The movie starts with a filming of a movie which was an over the top war movie and the actors were acting like prima donnas. From the start you can see Stiller, Black and wait a minute, who is that black guy? When the movie had to be stopped due to some scene which Stiller character refused to do even though an explosion which cost the studio a few hundred thousands was set, the director went balistic. The movie then was stopped and all the actors in it were given a run-through by an E! style expose on television. Seems like the African-American was Robert Downey junior who was so want to be a character actor that he just had to do a skin pigmentation to be black although he is a white Australian.

After some discussion with the producers, who is a balding and fat Tom Cruise, you have to squint to see the resemblance, the actors were sent by the director to a boot camp in the middle of the jungle. When the director was blown off, then the actors were left behind deep in the Golden Triangle where drugs were being manufacture. That was when the fun started.

In short, there were a lot of fun in the movie and not one minute goes by without you being tickled silly. If you can, go watch it with a few male friends. If you still don't think its funny, go watch a porn....

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