Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can Can girls

We went to a classic busker festival in Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra a few week back and it was fun due to its being headline as 'Family Fun Day'. With children all around and parents, although we lack thereof, we did enjoyed the show.

Can Can Girls? Not....

There were the 'Flight of the Valkryie' and some other classics. They used music played by a full orchestra intertwined with music played by 2 playful classical buskers to brought us all around the world from Germany to the USA. At the tail end of it, the conductor announced that they were going to bring us to Paris to "those naughty can can girls". Hmmm... So much for a show for kids.

It reminded me of the Moulin Rouge, the movie, which I love and Moulin Rouge, the place which my wife and I visited its entrance but didn't go in. We were in the middle of a tour of Europe and after Amsterdam, seeing dancing girls in a dinner and dance show, which could cost quite a few Euros, was not what we had in mind as a must see show.

The music by those classical buskers just brought back the memories of can can girls raising their skirts. That was why I asked my wife to buy those hosiers and girdles. Role playing just brings out the fantasies to reality...

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