Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Malaysia seems to be swamped with lingerie shops at malls nowadays. There are La Senza, Xixili and the everlasting Triumph, among others. Although there is still no Victoria Secrets or Agent Provocateur shop in sight, you can get these brands at selected shops or departmental store. Some are marketed to the masses for all those women who need their basic undies and some are marketed for those who have a naughty side to themselves.

Why am I such an expert in lingerie? It is actually an important arsenal for those who have been married for sometimes...

This is an important component too to good sex

Just imagine the need to spice thing up a bit in the bedroom. With a bit of extra clothing, which is not extra at all, come to think of it, you can liven up the most mundane routine sex (is there such a thing?), especially for those who already have kids and whatnot which will take up even the air that you breath. You need a bit of a starter before you can get to the main course.

In a country as conservative as ours, we still rarely see couples go into a lingerie shop and the men standing around while waiting for the women trying it out and asking the men to see whether they would like what they see. Some are brave enough to do this but still avert their eyes when they met other women in the shop. The best description of their look will be 'sheepish' meaning that they are actually embarrassed to be there but they were not given a choice. It is the same when sometimes the husband or the boyfriend had to shop for some sanitary napkins at the local store for their partner (it won't be too embarassing if it was at the hypermarket).

Anyway, lingerie is as important as a tool but not the most important thing in a couple's life. A healthy libido and understanding between the couple is as important, among others and of course, the four letter word - L.O.V.E.


  1. Kruel - Love, Love.....take my latest my blog yeah...tell me what happens.

  2. most men will be embarrassed without doubt..
    only some are 'tough' a bit to have interest on choosing the right one for their spouse :D