Friday, October 31, 2008

When we dance

Marriage is like a dance or is it the other way around?

I have been married for 5 blissful years and counting. Although it is not as long as some people, I consider I can write some experience about it with some authority. Although I have not been tested with a third person or an apocalyptic fights, we do have our share of sleeping in silence or the occasional shouting match in the car (we live in a terrace house, so we are quite sensitive with our voice level as we can hear our neighbour quite well)

I hate dancing, although I frequented a dangdut once (long story, blog about it later). When you dance, you have to be aware and conscious of your partner's movement. You are supposed to lead, if you are a guy and the girl should be the one who follow the lead.

If you remember the movie "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez (which was from a Japanese movie of the same name in 1996, which I am still looking forward to see), the dance teacher explained that the man creates the frame and the woman is the picture. You show her off while the music guides you...

Again, I ask, is marriage a dance? One where the man sometimes juggle his ego and his needs. His pleasure and his pain. His demands and his wife's dreams.

I believe it is a form of a dance and I want to keep on dancing. Forever...

That is why I love Sting's When We Dance -

When we dance

Angels will run and hide their wings

I'm still in love with you

When we dance
Angels will run and hide their wings

I'm gonna love you more than life
If you'll only be my wife
I'm gonna love you night and day
I'm gonna try in every way

p/s - Here's looking at you...

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