Saturday, November 15, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffany's

On the 3rd of November, I had the chance to attend the launching of some new trinkets by Tiffany. I missed the event due to the secrecy of the organiser who only sms me the place of the event 1 hour before the event as Tiffany was offering jewelleries and they were cautious about the place of the event.

At least I managed to see Quantum of Solace on the 5th of November thanks to Celcom, (read about it here

Hence, the title of this post.

It reminds me of the film featuring the everlasting image of Audrey Hepburn and the book by Truman Capote which I had just recently revisited.

Image from the film taken from
The book and the film is about a character by the name of Holly Golightly who was observed by the other central character who lived on top of her apartment. Holly is a free spirited lady and a societe lady who seems to be at all the right event and with an ambition to snag the right man one day. She doesn't work and all her expenses were paid by her dates.

Do you believe it if I tell you that I once had known somebody who is the embodiment of Holly?

When I was living in a bachelor pad with a few other bachelors, we had this group of girls who lived in one of the other unit in the condominium. They were nearly 5 floors above us and I don't actually know how they came to be acquinted with my housemates.

This Malaysian Golightly was always hanging around our house at nights and if she was not to be seen during the night, she will do this one annoying habit. Being boys we had this believe that no one would want to come in and steal anything in our house as we have guest nearly every hour of the day. At night, only after 3am does the lights were off and on weekends, it rarely were. The front door was lock but sometimes it's not.

At odd hours, our Holly would come and she would waltz in as if she had a room in our house. In the early days that we got to know her, some of us did try to get her into bed (myself excluded as was just getting to know my would be wife) but I did face certain compromising situations in during certain mornings which can be labelled as being in bed with her (although it was more, being on the mattress, as I didn't have a bed then).

A few morning, after she rang our doorbell insistently, she started to get on our nerves. She was always at our door as her housemate rarely let her in after hours. She would then scanned for a place to sleep, which is anywhere she might fancy and that was what happened to me a few times. As the sofas and some rooms were locked due to other 'guests' in the rooms, she would always try mine. Mine was rarely locked as I have a roommate who was rarely home as he was a travelling salesman but if he did come home, he would want to get in and out as fast as possible, hence the no lock rule was agreed upon.

Bck to Holly, in certain mornings, I would find her asleep just beside me as if she was my companion for the night. It was not for lack of modesty or I was on a moral high ground but it did pose a problem on those cold morning when my 'certain component' was up early.

After sometimes, she became an irritant to my housemates who everyone tried to not have anything to do with. We later found out that she was a teacher in a college near our condo and she was lying about half of the things that she told us.

She was sometimes seen in weird companies like two guys in a Kancil dropping her for the night or an old man in a Mercedes. We could just look and speculated her activities.

As for me, I never really judged her as anything other than someone I got know during my bachelor life. We were never close but we did try to keep in touch even when I didn't live at the condo anymore. She even came for the food tasting for my wedding.

She did fade away as she change her phone number and none of my housemates kept in touch with her anymore.

Just that when I read back Breakfast at Tiffany, I just can't take my mind of my own version of Holly Golightly. Wherever she is, I hope she's okay...


  1. Blog ini ok, setting for all
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  2. This was a good story- somehow. we should write scripts together!