Monday, November 24, 2008

The good thing about AMBP screening of Madagascar 2

I reached a milestone again in my short life as a blogger on 10.11.08. I won.a contest by the Star Online All Malaysian Blogger Project website which require you to write a slogan which I totally forgot exactly after I have written it. Lo and behold, on 6.11.08, the day that the contest closed, I received an email telling me I won myself either 2 or 4 tickets to the movie Madagascar 2 shown at Cathay Cineplex Damansara. I was preplexed as I was not sure whether I won 2 or 4 tickets and where is Cathay Cineplex Damansara. Is it Cineleisure or the one in One Utama. Although I frequent Cineleisure a lot, I was not sure whether it was a Cathay cinema or a TGV or a GSC.

From AMBP website
I called the number stated in the email and found out that I won just 2 tickets which the guy on the line advice me to come and choose the seats as they were allowing those who won to choose their seat according to their preference. As I was quite busy, I only managed to go to the Star Tower on the day of the show itself which was at 11am on 10.11.08. I though there was counter or a queue at least but discovered it was done by going to the 7th floor, went into their office and at the guy's cubicle, I just choose my seats. I forgot to ask him which cinema it was but a stroke of genius made me look at the Star newspaper and discovered that there was only one Cathay cinema which is in Cineleisure in Damansara.

This win was just at the back of another win the week before when I got to watch for free the new James Bond. Read it here

The movie Madagascar really made me think feel that I am growing old as I couldn't enjoy the movie as much as I used to enjoy Disney cartoons of yore. In my head I keep on thinking the movie was too childish and too simple. There was no plot twist and most character falls under the description of 'cute'. From Alex the Lion to his 3 buddies to King Julien to the penguins. All those from Madagascar are back and then some...

The really good thing I could say about this movie was the lack of kids in the cinema as most bloggers who got the tickets brought themselves and the other good thing is the new movie trailer that was shown for the coming summer 2009 attraction. If during the free screening of Quantum of Solace we were previewed the trailer of Terminator 4, this time we were given a glimpse of Monsters v. Aliens (or is the title supposed to be the other way around). It seems these advance screening were places for you to see upcoming trailers...only that the Malaysian moviegoers are still not that excited of movie trailers as their USA counterparts.

Whatever it is, I am only waiting to see the 'Watchmen' above all the other movies in 2009. That will be the Batman of 2008 which may even be a flop...

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